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Product developed in 2012 and entirely realized by me, following an idea that my father left drawn only on the paper. Project that Vasì probably would have wanted to achieve; as always, with the right care and with the desire to transform a piece of leather into something more! In the wake of that philosophy, I appropriate that paper and those notes, and I began to refine the shape of "that hide", making it more and more similar to a pair of glasses, simple and unique. The combination of the personality of my father and mine has meant that the models created in a short time became two: a more casual version, where the vintage lines of the glasses are "covered" with leather and hide, and where the choice of colors and leathers makes the object full of personality, as well as those who choose to wear it. In the more elegant line, instead, the leather forcefully takes the stage. This type of the glasses is, in fact, completely realized with precious leather. The perfect glasses for those who are looking for something more than a pair of glasses; for those looking for a new and unmistakable sensation on the face that only the leather can convey.

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