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The line of watches Bottega Vasì® is unique for genre and realization. In its elegant hand-stitched leather case, you will find this excellent product, born from the passion and made ​​with care by the skilled hands of our craftsmen. The choice of hide for the strap and the face makes your product "live the day" with you. The weather, the passage of time and your body will contribute to mould your clock with your person, absorbing even the smell of the wearer. The natural process of treatment to which your watch will be exposed daily, will make the product unique and inimitable, there will never be anyone wearing a watch identical to yours. Natural materials, the choice of colors and its face minimal and devoid of today's technology makes the watch a timeless product and suitable for any occasion. Only two models, for men and women, and a choice of three colors: Natural, the right shade for our customers who are interested in being and not appearing! Ebony, darker tones of strap and face give the watch "spite" and character. Leather brown, for the most eccentric. Wear a watch Bottega Vasì® in the version leather brown, will never let you go unnoticed!
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